Jami Curl

Candy is Magic: Real Ingredients, Modern Recipes

Jami Curl

Talk: Candy is Magic: Real Ingredients, Modern Recipes

Dubbed “the new Willy Wonka” by Bon Appetit magazine, FoodTalks welcomes Jami Curl to the teaching kitchen to show that the sweet spot for candy is when real, fresh ingredients meet modern recipes. See first-hand how something as simple as roasted strawberries with lemon can be used in a seemingly endless number of ways.

Jami Curl

Jami Curl is the founder of QUIN – a small batch, handmade candy company headquartered in Portland, Oregon. She loves working with sugar, exploring the magic of candy and telling the perfect story. In addition to creating QUIN’s recipes, Jami leads a team of candy makers, customer service staff and wholesale specialists to provide retail partners across the country with a variety of QUIN specialties.

Candy Is Magic: Real Ingredients, Modern Recipes

This game-changing candy cookbook from the owner of Quin, a popular Portland-based candy company, offers more than 200 achievable recipes using real, natural ingredients for everything from flavor-packed fruit lollipops to light-as-air marshmallows.

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