Brenna Hassett

Built on Bones

Brenna Hassett

Talk: Built on Bones

Archaeologist Brenna Hassett's book, "Built On Bones" explores how humans came to live in cities and the impacts of our decision to settle down - from new diseases to fad diets. In her talk, Brenna explores the history of humanity's experiment with the metropolis, and looks at why our ancestors chose city life, and why they have largely stuck to it. She looks at the diseases, deaths and misadventures that we have unwittingly unleashed upon ourselves throughout the metropolitan past, and as the world becomes increasingly urbanized, what we can look forward to in the future.

Brenna Hassett

Brenna Hassett is an archaeologist who specializes in using clues from the human skeleton to understand how people lived and died in the past. Her research focuses on the evidence of health and growth locked into teeth, and she uses dental anthropological techniques to investigate how children grew (or didn't) across the world and across time.

Built on Bones: 15,000 Years of Urban Life and Death

Telling the tale of shifts in human growth and health that have occurred as we transitioned from a mobile to a largely settled species. Built on Bones offers an accessible insight into a critical but relatively unheralded aspect of the human story: our recent evolution.

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