Gudrun Johnsen

Bringing Down the Banking System:

Gudrun Johnsen

Talk: Bringing Down the Banking System:

Iceland's banking collapse is the largest, relative to the size of the economy, suffered by any country in modern economic history. In this seminar, Gudrun Johnsen provides an overview of the methodology and conclusions of the Icelandic Parliament's Special Investigation Commission on the causes and events leading up to the fall of the Icelandic banking system, as presented in her book, Bringing Down the Banking System: Lessons from Iceland, and explains what the world of finance can learn from it all.

Gudrun Johnsen

Gudrun Johnsen is Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors at Arion Bank, Assistant Professor of Finance at the University of Iceland, and Research Associate in the Department of Private Law at the University of Oslo, Norway.

Bringing Down the Banking System: Lessons from Iceland

How could tiny Iceland build a banking system in less than a decade that proportionally exceeded Switzerland's? Why did the bankers decide to grow the system so fast? How did businesses tunnel money out of the banking system? And why didn't anybody stop them? Bringing Down the Banking System answers these questions.

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