Arlene Blum

Breaking Trail: Peaks, Public Health, and Policy

Arlene Blum

Talk: Breaking Trail: Peaks, Public Health, and Policy

Arlene Blum visited Google's office in Cambridge, MA to discuss her life's work as a biophysical chemist, author, and mountaineer. Ms. Blum has led successful expeditions to some of the world’s most challenging mountains as well as scientific research to protect human health and the global environment. In this dramatic talk, In the talk she shares favorite images and stories from her memoir, "Breaking Trail: A Climbing Life", illustrating her science and policy work to prevent the use of billions of pounds of harmful chemicals in everyday products as well as her climbs of remote and beautiful high peaks.

Arlene Blum

Arlene Blum is an American mountaineer, writer, and environmental health scientist. She is best known for leading an all-woman ascent of Annapurna, a climb that was also the first successful American ascent.

The Book

Arlene Blum defied the climbing establishment of the 1970s by leading the first all-female teams on successful ascents of Mount McKinley and Annapurna and by being the first American woman to attempt Mount Everest. At the same time, her groundbreaking scientific work challenged gender stereotypes in the academic community and led to legislation banning carcinogens in sleepwear.

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