Chris Guillebeau

Born for This

Chris Guillebeau

Talk: Born for This

Best-selling author Chris Guillebeau comes back to Talks at Google to discuss his recent book release, "Born for This". In "Born For This: How To Find Work You Were Meant To Do", Chris Guillebeau, the bestselling author of "The $100 Startup", has created a practical, actionable guide that can help you turn your passion into paychecks whether within a traditional company or business, or by striking out on your own.

Chris Guillebeau

Chris Guillebeau is an American entrepreneur, nonfiction author, blogger and speaker. He is best known for The Art of Non-Conformity blog and book.

Born For This

Have you ever met someone with the perfect job? To the outside observer, it seems like they've won the career lottery -- that by some stroke of luck or circumstance they've found the one thing they love so much that it doesn't even feel like work—and they're getting paid well to do it.

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