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Avery*Sunshine Full Set

Avery* Sunshine

Talk: Avery*Sunshine Full Set

This video is the full set. For individual songs & interview: 1. "I Got Sunshine" http://youtu.be/lLleICb7a_g 2. "Pinin'" http://youtu.be/5bR62Bv0eL8 3. "Stalk You" http://youtu.be/D7SFugUQnuU 4. "Sunday Morning" (Maroon 5 cover) http://youtu.be/O6YNsmNV7Q4 5. "See You When I Get There" http://youtu.be/QthNxRa8kKw 6. "Safe in His Arms" http://youtu.be/ayhh_RC-B10 7. "Ugly Part of Me" http://youtu.be/KsA28k1Wge4 8. "All in My Head" http://youtu.be/OE0h0oWSw7E Avery*Sunshine visits Google NYC to give stunning live performances from her self-titled album (and more). With her thunderous, gospel-bred pipes and heart-to-heart lyrics, the singer-songwriter delivers organic, soulful music.

Avery* Sunshine

Denise Nicole White, professionally known as AverySunshine (sometimes stylized as Avery*Sunshine, is an American singer and pianist.


Combining beautifully soulful melodies, with a touch of jazz and more than a little earthy gospel, Atlanta songstress Avery*Sunshine sounds like a veteran musician with several albums worth of material under her belt.

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