Chrisann Brennan

A Memoir of My Life with Steve Jobs

Chrisann Brennan

Talk: A Memoir of My Life with Steve Jobs

An intimate look at the life of Steve Jobs by the mother of his first child providing rare insight into Jobs's formative, lesser-known years Steve Jobs was a remarkable man who wanted to unify the world through technology. For him, the point was to set people free with tools to explore their own unique creativity. Chrisann Brennan knows this better than anyone. She met him in high school, at a time when Jobs was passionately aware that there was something much bigger to be had out of life, and that new kinds of revelations were within reach.

Chrisann Brennan

Chrisann Brennan is an American painter and writer who wrote the autobiography The Bite in the Apple about her relationship with Apple co-founder Steve Jobs. She is the mother of Jobs's first child, Lisa Brennan-Jobs.

The Bite in the Apple

The book is the very human tale of Jobs's ascent & the toll it took, told from the author's perspective as his first girlfriend, co-parent, friend, &—like many others—object of his cruelty. Brennan doesn't buy into all the hype. Chrisann Brennan's intimate memoir provides the reader with a human dimension to Jobs' myth. Finally, a book that reveals a more real Steve Jobs.

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